Slichot Festival in Zefat 2020! Slichot tours combining history, reception, music.

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Slichot Festival in Zefat 2020! Slichot tours combining history, reception, music.

Over the last few months cultural events and festivals all over the country have been halted. However, the Zefat Municipality and different tourism associations found a way to continue the routine of Slichot events. In the spirit of Kabbalah, culinary, history, music and more, Slichot tours and activities will continue while adhering to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.


Every Wednesday at 20:00 Ascent offers Slichot tours by lantern light. The tour opens at the Metzuda with melodies and singing and then sets out on a tour of Zefat  with Slichot prayers, a tour of the alleys of the Old City. The tour ends at the Ascent Center with hot soup,  tea and sweets. Price of the activity: 85 NIS per participant.

Thursdays starting at 20:00, Ascent offers a musical culinary tour and selichot featuring Zefat culinary traditions. Tour winds through the Old City of Zefat with explanations of the Jewish calendar, Zefat historical sites and a visit to the Abohav Winery and archaeological excavations of Zefat of the 16th century. Afterwards, there will be a Slichot musical performance inside a 500-year-old cave with authentic Zefat refreshments. Price of the activity: 85 NIS per participant.

Friday mornings Ascent  offers a Slichot tour and Kabbalat Shabbat that takes visitors through the process of  Shofar-making.  The tour sets off from Ascent at 10:45 and winds through the alleys of Zefat. Shofar-making workshop with slichot will follow and shofar-makers will receive their shofar. Price of the activity: 55 for an adult, 45 for a child.

More information: (04)6974311

Livnot U’Lehibanot

At Livnot U’Lehibanot tours for groups are given by pre-registration. Tours include visits to ancient synagogues, walks through hidden 16th century tunnels and are accompanied by melodies and poems of forgiveness. Refreshments are included. Groups of up to 30 participants — 1,200 per group.

More information: (04)6970311

Ruach Zefat

Ruach Zefat offers a variety of tours and selichot activities every Thursday. Slichot tours for families on Thursdays at 18:00 including street theater, activities for children and  Slichot  prayers inside an ancient synagogue or in the open air – 35 NIS per participant.

Ruach Zefat’s activities continue on Thursdays at 20:00 when participants get to know the shofar in a musical workshop that includes a demonstration of wind instruments from different cultures and shofars of various types – 30 NIS per participant.

Ruach Zefat’s final Thursday activity takes place at 22:15 with a Slichot tour in which artists and musicians weave melodies, Slichot poems, songs from the Land of Israel and original songs into the tour. Tours are conducted using quality acoustic headphones in order to allow a magical experience and a minimum of disruption for those living in the Old City. 45 NIS per participant.

Ruach Zefat fatures a free musical tour of Zefat every Friday at 11:00.  

More information: 052-771-0111

Zefat  Kabbalah Center

The Zefat Kabbalah Center hosts Slichot tours daily by prior arrangement. The theme of the tour is “spirit and acceptance” which is discussed during the Kabbalah Center’s unique guided route in the Old Quarter which follows the path of the 16th century Kabbalists. The tour will be accompanied by musical slichot prayers and ends with a spiritual study workshop that focuses on preparing for the New Year and Kabbalistic art. Hot drinks are provided. Price of the activity: 70 NIS per participant.

More information: 04-6821771

Shvil HaLev

Shvil HaLev invites you to experience Slichot and the stories of the city of Zefat through a musical tour and legends of Zefat. Price of the activity: 50 NIS per participant

More information: 04-682-6489

For details and registration: 'Zefat Municipality', and the website