FOURTH OF JULY IN ZEFAT: Municipality co-hosts Celebration with Anglo Community

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FOURTH OF JULY IN ZEFAT: Municipality co-hosts Celebration with Anglo Community

Music, camaraderie, dancing and unbridled joy was the mood at the Fourth of July Celebration held at the Metzudah.

The extravaganza marks the beginning of a new relationship with Mayor Shuki Ohana and the Anglo community, co-sponsors of this spectacular event.

Mayor Ohana used the occasion to reinforce his message of outreach and cooperation with the growing Anglo community. He stressed partnership in encouraging new Olim and providing support in housing, economic development, education and other community-wide issues. 

"I am looking forward to getting we;; acquainted with the growing Anglo community," said the mayor. " This year will bring unprecedented numbers of olim to Israel, and I want Zefat to be a city that provides opportunities for Anglos. Working together will make our city a desired destination for newcomers."

The spectacular musical lineup put together by  Andy Alpern- showcased some of the deep pool of Anglo musical talent here. Locals Lazer Grunwald, Shalom Lebowitz, Leah Urso, Shayna Rehberg-Paquin, Deborah Evergreen, Levi Dovid Greenberg, Levi Lebowitz, Shlomo Leibowitz, and Simcha Binyamin Katsof and his family band, had guests on their feet.

Master baker Nachman and Unique Kruper provided mouth-watering focaccia, and the mayor brought drinks and ice cream.

The production was made possible through the initiative of Susan Cohen, Shayna Rehberg- Paquin, Andy Alpern, Laurie Sendler Rappeport, Ikey Falk and Shalom Elbaz. 

Photos by  Levi Dovid Greenberg