Now’s the time to vacation north and explore the enchanting capitol of the Galilee

נגן וידאו

30Seconds on art in Zefat

נגן וידאו

30Seconds on the culinary scene in Zefat

נגן וידאו

30Seconds on the spirit of Zefat

Zefat is a unique, one-of-a-kind city like no other city in the world

a flourishing city in the midst of renewal and development.
There is no better time than now to come vacation and explore in the Northern capital of Israel.
Alongside the enchanted alleyways, rich cultural cuisine, breathtaking views, ancient synagogues, art galleries, wineries, dairies, international music festivals, hotels and vacation rentals, you will find a quaint city with much to offer.
We welcome you to come and experience the magic of Zefat-a city like no other!

Shuki Ohana-Mayor of Zefat

Attractions in Zefat

What’s to eat in Zefat?

Where to sleep in Zefat?

Historical and Holy sites in Zefat

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