Research Institutes of the Faculty of Medicine in Zefat

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Research Institutes of the Faculty of Medicine in Zefat

As part of the municipality’s move to facilitate the development of new buildings and the creation of new jobs, the old Bezeq building  near the Beit Avot (Old Age Home) will be demolished and research institutes for the expanding Faculty of Medicine in Zefat will be established.

Plans include 10 new buildings with laboratories, classrooms and staff buildings for staff and students. The plans have been approved by the Northern District Planning and Construction Committee announced that the plan submitted for the Zefat Faculty of Medicine with laboratories, research institutes, classrooms and buildings for staff – employees and students – has been approved for deposit.

The demolition work will take place between 31/8/20 and 3/9/20, in a controlled manner with professionals supervising the work in the old Bezeq building near a nursing home in the city.