The Artists quarter Minyan continues to find ways for us to enjoy being together- even in Corona times

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The Artists quarter Minyan continues to find ways for us to enjoy being together- even in Corona times

Group Partners With Municipality


The Artists Collective of Tzfat (ACT) has partnered with the municipality and Mayor Shuki Ohana in an effort to organize and promote artists and art-related events.


The group is a coalition of Anglo and Israeli artisans designed to create opportunities to produce and promote local artists with events, classes and workshops all year in studios and workspaces throughout the city. The first event, the Spirit of Tzfat Artists Retreat (STAR), scheduled for four days after Sukkot, will have a wide array of classes and workshops and taught by masters from all over the world.


ACT co-founder and world-renowned muralist Solomon Souza, whose work on Machane Yehuda walls and other locations throughout the world have received international acclaim, will bring his unique talents to the walls of our city in coming weeks as part of a series of pre-STAR events. 


'It's been a dream of mine to make and teach art in Tzfat", says Solomon, who settled in Tzfat with his accomplished artist mother, Karen Souza Kohn and filmmaker sister, Miriam. "It's exciting to be part of a re-birth of the city as a mecca for art. The enthusiastic support of Mayor Ohana makes the promise of a vital art school a reality".

At a meeting with ACT last week, Mayor  Ohana said, "This is an opportunity to redefine Zefat as a mecca for artists, students and art lovers. Our long tradition of being a center of creativity and spirituality has defined our city for generations and has played a major role in being a destination for tourists. I am committed to developing opportunities for artists to study, produce and sell their art. They are a huge part of our sttraction for visitors, and supporting them is a key to increasing tourism."


Plans are being finalized to give artists the opportunity to be visible painting outside under shade. Applications for participation in this and other ACT programming, along with membership will be available in coming days.


Contact them at


Pictured- masters Sheva Chaya, Chanan Baer, Solomon Souza, Laurie Rappeport and  Livnot CEO, Yona Cohen.

Photo by Susan Cohen