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There you can order freshly made smoothies, salads, shakes, juices, and vegan- healthy desserts. But at 18karrots, you’ll find more than just an all-natural juice bar.

Nestled in the heart of the old city of Tzfat lies a cute, hip juice bar like no other in the city. There you will find delicious, healthy smoothies, salads, shakes and vegan desserts.

But 18Karrots is not just another juice bar.

 The place oozes with spunk and freshness, and when you meet the charming owner, you can see why.  Every order is taken and delivered with the utmost care and love.

 Naomi Sheffield, ( nee Kohn) grew up in Brooklyn , NY.  She made Aliyah on her own at age 18, because she felt like the land was calling her. She calls Israel her “ lost love" and deems it one of the most beautiful places on earth. She came to study in Bat Ayin, and only 6 months after she made Aliyah did her family decide to join her. For 13 years her parents planned Aliyah, but only after she made the decision to move here did they come following. They decided to settle in Tzfat.

When Naomi came to visit them from Bat Ayin, she instantly fell in love with the city. “ The Torah is oozing out of every corner, the city is full of healers, smiling faces, wholesome people and there is a wonderful community,” says Naomi.

When the opportunity came to open 18karrots, Naomi jumped at the chance. Having much experience from her father's successful juice bar business in New York, Naomi got right into the swing of things. As I sat and interviewed her, drinking my delicious shake, Daniella, a customer and friend of Naomi came in. Naomi quickly challenged her to 100 push-ups in 10 minutes. A deal is made, and if If Daniella succeeds, she gets 5 shekels off her shake. Daniella is up for the challenge.

“18karrots is not just a juice bar, it’s about health awareness. There is a misconception that healthy food is not fun, but there is great fun in healthy foods. Healthy foods create aliveness and vibrancy. When your body is happy, your brain is happy, when your brain is happy, you are happy, when you are happy, you in a good mood and your energy is good.”

Naomi’ family also runs the Yud Studio on bar Yochai street, where she offers aerial yoga, acrobatics, and even an integrative family workout. Naomi’s dream is to combine the two places,  creating a local health hub for the community.

"Each person is responsible for their own health, and I truly believe healthy food has many benefits. Healthy food frees people from addiction and helps them to lead a happy life.”

And what makes an enterprise in Tzfat a success? "It's vital to be fluent in Hebrew. And ultimately, it's a spotless space and attentive, American style customer service that keeps customers coming back."

Several weeks ago Naomi married to Zohar Randle Sheffield.

 Next time you're in town don’t forget to stop by and wish her a Mazel Tov. Or maybe even do a few push-ups.

18Karrots is located at Montefoire St. #1

Unique Naomi Kruper owns the popular artisan bakery Bella with her husband, master baker Nachman. She is originally from Los Angeles and is one of Tzfat's most vocal advocates.